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Update - THETA Poker Pro (iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch Poker Game) THETA PokerTHETA Poker Pro Version 1.7.1 released April 20, 2015. The sequel to the fastest, strongest, and easiest-to-use iOS No Limit Texas Hold 'Em game has a Career Mode, even better AI, and dozens of other new features for all devices running iOS 5 through iOS 8.
Old - THETA Poker (iPhone and iPod touch Poker Game) THETA PokerTHETA Poker Version 1.9.11 released February 6, 2012. Price dropped to $2.99 on November 30, 2012. The app is now recommended for iOS 3.x and iOS 4.x only.

My iOS Apps (Native)

THETA PokerTHETA Poker Pro ($3.99)
The strongest, fastest, and most customizable Texas Hold 'Em game. Universal app for iOS 5 through iOS 8.
THETA PokerTHETA Poker ($2.99)
Old app for iOS 3 and iOS 4 only.
BreastfeedBreastfeeding Management 2 ($1.99)
Breastfeeding information for clinicians.

My Web Apps (for any device, but specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch screen)

A Racing GameA Racing Game (freeware)
A game that keeps you mentally sharp and satisfies your need to compete.
MarqMarq (freeware)
A low-tech way of communicating with the iPhone and iPod touch.


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