PGNTalk for the Macintosh from Robert Jen


PGN stands for Portable Game Notation, but it is used almost exclusively for recording chess games. There are several other PGN readers for the Macintosh, but PGNTalk includes some useful features that the others don't. (Note: requires Mac OS 9 or Classic or SheepShaver under Mac OS X to run.)


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PGNTalk is $10 shareware.
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Other Useful Web Sites

The following web sites may be useful to PGNTalk users:
Chess Fonts
Norresundby Chess Club (freeware chess fonts)
PGN Files and Information
PGN Specifications Pitt Archives (lots of PGN games)
Game Collections by Opening (Chessopolis) TWIC (recent grandmaster games and information)
Free Mac chess software to supplement PGNTalk
ExaChess Lite (for entering games to be saved as PGN files) Sigma Chess Lite (for analyzing PGN games, etc.)
More Mac chess software
Other Macintosh chess software