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BabyMelodyPilot is a music program for the PalmPilot that plays simple melodies, presents karaoke-style lyrics, and draws eye-catching graphics. BabyMelodyPilot is intended for all ages, from babies on up (but please note: NEVER leave your baby unattended with or without your PalmPilot! The author declines any responsibility for either).

Table of Contents

BabyMelodyPilot Basics

Info Screen
BabyMelodyPilot Info

BabyMelodyPilot stores songs in songbook modules. Each songbook has an associated playlist that tells it which songs should be played and in what order. Only one songbook can be active at a given time (see Menu Options for information on selecting a songbook). BabyMelodyPilot has many options that can be set by choosing the Preferences menu item.If no songbooks are installed, BabyMelodyPilot will create a default songbook with a handful of songs in it.

Each songbook can hold up to 128 songs, each of which consists of a title (song name), the notes of the song itself (see Song Format document for details), and optional lyrics (NOTE: only songs whose titles end with an asterisk have lyrics).

Menu Options

On the main BabyMelodyPilot screen, there are three menus:

Options Menu
Options Menu

The Options menu on the left has the following choices:

Beam Menu
Beam Menu

The Beam menu in the middle allows you to beam BabyMelodyPilot and its songbooks to another Palm device. The three Beam menu choices are:

Help Menu
Help Menu

The Help menu at the far right has the following three choices:


You can bring up the Preferences screen by using the Preferences... menu option or using the "/R" Graffiti shortcut. Select one of the 4 pushbuttons at the top of the screen to display the current General, Graphics, Lyrics, or Sound preferences.

Preferences Form
Preferences Form

The General Preferences options are:

Graphics Preferences Form
Graphics Preferences Form

The Graphics Preferences options are:

Tapping on the Options button next to the Display pop-up will bring you to a screen where you can set options for the currently selected graphics type. Tap on the Info tips button ("i") for specific details on each set of options.

Lyrics Preferences Form
Lyrics Preferences Form

The Lyrics Preferences options are:

Tapping on the Set Font brings up the Font form on which you can set the font used for drawing the lyrics and title on the main screen as well as on the Edit Song screen.

Sound Preferences Form
Sound Preferences Form

The Sound Preferences options are:

Creating and Editing Songs

Edit Song Form
Edit Song Form

On the Select Songs screen you can use either the New Song menu option to create a new song or the Edit Song menu option to edit an existing song. This will bring up the Edit Song screen, where you can change the song's title, notes, and lyrics.Use the popup menu in the lower right to change between editing the title, notes, and lyrics. NOTE: changes are saved whenever you switch what you are editing, or when you tap the OK button.

Tap on the information button ('i') in the upper right corner of this screen for on-line help, including a complete description of the syntax for notes.

The Edit Song screen has two menus:

Bundled Songbooks and New Songbooks

BabyMelodyPilot comes bundled with 11 songbooks containing almost 700 tunes (NOTE: if you do not install any songbooks, a small default songbook will be created). Songbooks can be stored in main memory or on any VFS-accessible card (e.g., SD or MMC card). However, songbooks accessed via VFS are read-only; songs cannot be edited, and changes such as which songs are played and in what order are only kept until the songbook (or BabyMelodyPilot) is exited. Songbooks can be moved to main memory, edited, then moved back to a card if necessary.

The bundled songbooks are:

You can create a new songbook from the Select Songbook screen by tapping on the New Songbook button. This will bring you to the Edit Songbook Info screen where you should fill in details about your new songbook (name, author, version, etc.). The new songbook will start with 1 blank song, which you should edit or replace.


BabyMelodyPilot is $5 shareware. All future upgrades are free.

Paying for BabyMelodyPilot

See the Purchasing.html document or tap on the Help button on BabyMelodyPilot's Registration screen for details on how obtain a registration code.

Registering Once You Have Paid

Once you have your registration code, go back into BabyMelodyPilot and use the Registration menu option to bring up the Registration screen. Enter the code and click on the OK button. You should get a confirmation window indicating that you're all set. Thanks!

Other Documentation

In the "Apps" folder, the file BabyMelodyPilotDoc.prc is a Doc-formatted version of this file. This file can be installed on your PalmPilot for reference if you have any Doc reader installed. You can download the free PalmReader (

In the "Docs" folder the following files can also be found:


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Updates and Contact Information

BabyMelodyPilot Version 1.3.2, July 22, 2003
BabyMelodyPilot is Copyright (C)2001-2003 by Robert Jen.

The latest version of BabyMelodyPilot, BabyMelodyPilot songbooks, Melody Pilot, and other PalmPilot and Macintosh software can be found at (specifically Questions, comments, and any other email can be sent to the author Robert Jen at Your feedback is much appreciated.