BabyMelodyPilot - music application for the PalmPilot

BabyMelodyPilot - music application for the PalmPilot

BabyMelodyPilot is a music program for the PalmPilot that plays simple melodies, presents karaoke-style lyrics, and draws animated graphics. BabyMelodyPilot is intended for all babies, kids, and adults of all ages (but please note: NEVER leave your baby unattended with or without your PalmPilot! The author declines any responsibility for either).


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BabyMelodyPilot is $5 shareware, Copyright (C)2001-2007 by Robert Jen, and can be registered through eSellerate or PayPal.

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BMP132.zipBabyMelodyPilot 1.3.2 Zip archive (167 Kb) BMP.sitBabyMelodyPilot 1.3.2 StuffIt archive (162 Kb)

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