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MOTOR (Messages On The Open Road) is a freeware PalmPilot application that displays Knock Knock jokes and Burma-Shave slogans on billboards as they might appear to a person driving down a highway. Messages can also be displayed in a simple text format. (NOTE: Burma-Shave is a registered trademark of American Safety Razor.)

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Menu Options

Options Menu
Options Menu

MOTOR has only 1 menu (tap on the menu silk-screen icon just above the Datebook hardware button), an Options menu with the following choices:


Graphics PrefsText Prefs
Graphics PreferencesText Preferences

The Preferences screen has options for Moving Graphics and Text Only modes. Tap on the respective buttons at the top of the screen to choose between these. Three options are common to both Graphics and Text modes:

The following options are specific to the Moving Graphics mode:

The following options are specific to the Text Only mode:

Other Documentation

In the "Apps" folder, the file MOTOR_Doc.pdb is a Doc-formatted version of this file. This file can be installed on your PalmPilot for reference if you have any Doc reader installed. You can download the free eReader (

In the "Docs" folder the following files can also be found:


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Updates and Contact Information

MOTOR Version 1.2.2, October 1, 2007
MOTOR is Copyright (C)2002-2007 by Robert Jen.

The latest version of MOTOR and other PalmPilot and Macintosh software can be found at (specifically Questions, comments, and any other email can be sent to the author Robert Jen at Your feedback is much appreciated.