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WordDraw is a program for teaching children how to write words. It animates the drawing of the words and provides an optional template (dotted lines) for children to trace over. New word lists can be created in the Memo Pad application and imported into WordDraw.

Table of Contents

WordDraw Basics

WordDraw shows the word on the top and has a drawing area on the bottom for the child to write in. Tap the on-screen buttons to go to other words, press the down arrow key to move to the next word, or tap on the silk screen menu button to bring up several options, including the ability to set user preferences or move to a specific word list or word. Tap on the Show Me button to see an animation of the word being drawn. Tap on the Try Again button to erase your writing and start again. Check the Dots box to see outlines of the letters or uncheck it for a blank writing area.

Menu Options

Options Menu
Options Menu

WordDraw has only 3 menus (tap on the menu silk-screen icon just above the Datebook hardware button), an Options menu, a Beam menu, and a Help menu.

The Options menu has the following choices:

The Beam menu has the following choices:

The Help menu has the following choices:


Preferences Screen

The Preferences options are:

On color devices, tap on the Set Colors button to set the colors used for the Model (the word that WordDraw writes), the Drawing (the word that you write), or the Dots (the optional outline that WordDraw writes).


There are currently 10 word lists bundled with WordDraw:

To select a word list in WordDraw, tap on the menu button and choose the "Select Word List..." menu option. You can also create your own word lists in the Memo Pad applications and use the "Import Memo..." menu option.


WordDraw is $5 shareware. All future upgrades are free.

Paying for WordDraw

See the Purchasing.html document or tap on the i (information) button on the WordDraw Registration screen for details on how obtain a registration code.

Registering Once You Have Paid

Once you have your registration code, go back into WordDraw and use the Registration menu option to bring up the Registration screen. Enter the code and click on the OK button. You should get a confirmation window indicating that you're all set. Thanks!

Other Documentation

In the "Apps" folder, the file WordDrawDoc.pdb is a Doc-formatted version of this file. This file can be installed on your PalmPilot for reference if you have any Doc reader installed. You can download the free PalmReader (http://www.ereader.com/ereader/software/browse.htm).

In the "Docs" folder the following files can also be found:


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Updates and Contact Information

WordDraw Version 1.0.3, March 1, 2007
WordDraw is Copyright (C)2003-2007 by Robert Jen.

The latest version of WordDraw and other PalmPilot and Macintosh software can be found at http://www.rjen.com (specifically http://www.rjen.com/Pilot/WordDraw.html). Questions, comments, and any other email can be sent to the author Robert Jen at mailto:rjen@rjen.com. Your feedback is much appreciated.